Connect your alerting system and automate.

It's all plug & play ...

Picklebot sits on top of your script and triggers it upon recurring monitoring alerts

Autonomous Execution

Pipe-in pagerduty incidents and assign picklebots to work on a specific alert, by creating rules over incident data. Automatically resolve the incidents or collect diagnostic information before escalating it to an on-call engineer.

Self service Operations

Create isolated workspace with handy picklebots to empower L1, L2 teams. Let them perform recurring tasks at the click of a button or quickly run it from a chat window, without having access to the server credentials.


Keep complete track of infrastructure activity - who did what, when & why. It helps admins to trace and debug an activity at the event of any mishaps.

Managed Knowledge

Picklebots makes it easy to automate IT tasks and provides you the platform to create, share and manage the knowledge of IT operations.

Easy Start

Just install our agent in a server where you have scripts to run.

Connect incident management system and start automating alert resolution one by one.

Secure Setup

Picklebot scripting, execution and server access stays on-premise, completely under your control.

Use our cloud platform to manage users, process incidents, trigger picklebots and analyze execution logs.

How it works?

Out of box integrations

Connect Pagerduty and invoke your scripts to resolve recurring alerts.

Install Hipchat addon in a click and invoke your scripts to do routine tasks right from chat window.

Use Ansible to orchestrate & automate any complex IT workflow.

Picklebot is a virtual ops engineer to whom you can delegate all the repetitive tasks.

Get picklebots !

We are building up a repository of picklebots to resolve/diagonise the most common recurring alerts across the applications.

Ready made picklebots